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needs to be broken up into two parts, an offensive part and a defensive part, and the cyber security companies would be a lot more comfortable working with a defensive nsa than they are working with an nsa that's trying to hack into a lot of people's information. so he suggested that they might not want to work with the nsa at all if that kind of clarity can't be given to the cyber security technology companies. >> i have a more practical question. what are they trying to do to solve this security problem for all of us with our credit cards and all the things that can be hacked into? i mean, is there a solution that they're eyeing right now or are they just kind of flailing about here? >> well, i'll tell you, there are hundreds of solutions in this room. all of these little startup companies have a different idea about how to do that, and you're seeing sort of capitalistic, darwinian evolution going on as all these little companies pitch these ideas. bigger companies are coming up and acquiring the little firms and saying that's where we're going to go, but this question of passwords
on their own self-defense? they have subcontracted out all of their defense to the united states assuming we would come to their aid. if they were stronger militarily, would putin be able to make those moves? i don't think so. >> i think it would be useful if europe spent more on its defense and i would not lump all the european nations together. i think france and great britain spend a fair amount on their defense. it would be useful if they spent more but i don't think that's the key to resolving this crisis. >> how far -- keep going. >> it would also be useful for the european union and individual european states to levy sanctions on russian leaders. russian leaders keep their money in europe. that would be a strong disincentive for aggression. >> on vladimir putin? >> yes. >> when he decides he's not going to send them all the natural gas, one-third of which they consume from russia, and they are paying through the nose and their economy still isn't recovered, why would they do that? >> that's a fair question. keep in mind if putin doesn't sell it to europe, he doesn't sell it. russia ne
of ten s&p sectors up more than 1%. it doesn't matter if you're defensive names or cyclical names, health care, financials, industrials, it doesn't matter. right across the board, 7 to 1 advancing to declining stocks. the only point i would point out, the one thing i would make is look at the ten-year. this is not signaling somehow economic news is better. a lot of the naysayers down here, and there's a few of them left, keep saying watch the bond market. that's the one that's still not moving. guys, a lot of attention focused on that nonfarm payroll report on friday. back to you. >> yes. oh, by the way. thanks very much, bob. it was back to work in washington. president obama's 2015 budget was unveiled. it calls for tax increases on the rich to finance tax cuts for the not so rich, but it has little, if any, chance of passing politically. possibly that's another reason why stocks are higher today, right? >> john harwood joins us with some of the defails on this one. john? >> there are two distinct parts of the president's budget. one part has to do with the budget world as it is under th
with investors playing a barbell, keeping a hand in some defensive positions but extending themselves more into cyclicals as we go forward at a low inflationary environment with the fed struggling. sgr >> financials were getting a little bit of a bid. maybe it was a rotation out of the over valued names. want to go back to the main point as we head into the close close. the dow is off almost 250 points. >> bear in mind, 1848 for ages, for weeks and weeks we were trying to break through the new highs, 1848. stutter steps, we finally got there then 1850 would sas resis. finally yesterday we were decisively over that. you get these stutter steps up and back. it's not -- it hasn't been a straight line up but so far since the end of january, we've been doing pretty well. february was a great month. >> the market has been pretty much straight up for the last couple weeks after that big pullback earlier this year, and i think we may be in for some more jitters. i agree with my colleagues here that, you know, some of it has to do with the weekend and the news in the ukraine, but i think there's a
that the defense department is taking concrete steps to reassure our nato allies, steps like expanding our aviation detachment in poland and our contributions to nato's baltic air policing mission. this is on top of other steps that the united states has already taken, steps like suspending our bilateral discussions with russia on trade and investment, suspending u.s./russia military engagement, and suspending preparations for the g-8 summit in sochi. now, as i said yesterday inรง kv and as president obama has said as well and as i said to foreign minister lavrov today, russia made a choice, and we have clearly stated that we believe it is the wrong choice, that is the choice to move troops into crimea. russia can now choose to de-escalate this situation, and we are committed to working with russia, and together with our friends and allies in an effort to provide a way for this entire situation to find the road to deescalati deescalation, the united states is ready to work with all parties to make that happen and to make it happen as soon as possible. we renew our call for russia to speak directly
seized government buildings overnight. both secretary of defense and secretary of state with words of warning to russia today. front-page editor of "business insider" here with us. michael, how should investors be thinking about this? >> they should be watching it very closely. ukraine is hemorrhaging money. the prime minister today said they only have $400,000 in their treasury. they have $15 billion left in foreign reserves. so they need some help. >> what's the next flash point? >> well, you definitely have to watch what's going on in crimea. the russian war games will be going on from friday to monday. the fact that there are russian flags over the regional capital and the parliament building in crimea is troublesome. then this government that was approved today, what they're going to do moving forward to get the balance sheet of the country settled. >> finally, michael, can you get a sense of a correlation between the events in ukraine as they played out today and what was happening in the market? >> i don't think i can say how it affected it, but i can say that the next coupl
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6